Advisory Board 
Amit Sharma (PhD) Scott Drimie (PhD) Diane Abrahams (PhD)  Llewellyn Leonard (PhD)  Jane Badham Eugenie Kayitesi (PhD)  Carina Muller

Director: Food Decisions Research Laboratory 

Expertise: Food Service and Economics 

Institution: Penn State University, (USA) 

Director: Southern Africa Food Lab 

Expertise: Food and Nutrition Security

Institution: Stellenbosch University, (SA)  

Director: School of Tourism & Hospitality 

Institution: University of Johannesburg, (SA) 

Expertise: Environmental Sciences

Institution: University of South Africa, (SA) 

Managing Director

Expertise: Nutrition  

Institution: JB Consultancy, South Africa

Expertise: Food Science and Biotechnology

Institution: Institution: University of Pretoria 



National School Nutrition Programme: Chief Education Specialist

Institution: Department of Basic Education (DoBE, SA)

Prof. Wilna Oldewage-Theron (PhD) Dr. Erick Fwaya (PhD) Prof. Laure Saulais (PhD) Prof. Angeline Jaykumar (PhD) Prof. Patrick Njobe (PhD) Prof. Mosa Selepe (PhD) Prof. Yoga Coopoo (PhD)


Institution: Texas Tech University, (USA) 

Expertise: Hospitality Management

Institution: Maasai Mara University, Narok, Kenya

Expertise: Food Economics 

Institutuion: Laval University, Canada

Expertise: Public Health Nutrition 

Institution: University of Pune, India

Expertise: Food Science &    Biotechnology

Institution: University of Johannesburg

Expertise: Nutrition & Agriculture 

Institution: University of Limpopo

Expertise: Sports & Movement studies

Mr Monwabisi Kalawe Mr Simon Motsusi  Dr Bianca van der Westhuizen  Dr Alex Dimitri Tchuenchieu Kamgain    

Cheif Executive Officer

Institution: Tsebo Catering Solutions 

Institution: City of Johannesburg 

Expertise: Nutrition 

Institution: University of South Africa (UNISA)

Expertise: Microbiology and Nutrition 

Institution: Centre for Food and Nutrition Research of the Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plant Studies of Cameroon